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Prior to arrival all dogs are required to have the following:

1) DHPP (Distemper-Parvo) Vaccine (at least 2 initial vaccines for puppies under 18 weeks)

2) Rabies Vaccine for all dogs over 12 weeks of age

3) A negative fecal within 6 months of their visit.

The following are strongly encouraged to be complete prior to arrival to better protect your pet and reduce their chance of illness. However, if there is availability on our hospital schedule, then we may be able to update these vaccines during their stay. Plan and call ahead; if your pet is not a current hospital client within the last 12 months an exam will be required. If these vaccines are not updated upon arrival, then you will be required to sign a liability waiver.

1) CIV Combo (Canine influenza H3N2/H3N8)

2) Bordetella/parainfluenza

* Please understand that your pet is not as strongly protected from CIRD (Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease) if they have not received the above vaccines at least 2 weeks prior to their visit.

** Respiratory illness is still a risk at any day camp, grooming or boarding location due to the multiple infectious agents that could be involved, and just like with any vaccine it may not be 100% effective though it reduces the risk of fatal or severe illness. If you think your dog has infectious respiratory disease, talk to your vet about a respiratory culture. Most vaccine manufacturers will cover the cost to identify the underlying cause of illness in your pet so they may continue to improve available vaccines.


Prior to arrival all cats are required to have the following:

1) Rabies Vaccine for all cats over 12 weeks of age

2) FVRCP (Feline distemper) vaccine (at least 2 for kittens under 18 weeks)

3) A negative fecal within the last year; we do recommend a fecal every 6 months if your cat goes outside.

Recommended, though not required is the Feline Leukemia vaccine as this can be transmitted through close contact with other cats.

* FVRCP and DHPP may be updated in pets over 1 year of age during their stay if it is less than 3 months overdue.

Ferrets are required to have an updated rabies vaccine for boarding.

Grooming services do require the above vaccines. Note, a negative fecal within 6-12 months is highly recommended for Grooming services, though it is not required as pets do not have direct or close contact with each other.

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